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by Carol DeFehr - Monday, 24 April 2017, 11:33 AM

April 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

During the month of April, School District #73 Kamloops Thompson is participating in the 2017 Ministry of Education Electronic Anonymous School Learning Survey Project in cooperation with all other school districts throughout the Province.

Parents/Guardians are asked to complete the Internet Electronic Anonymous Surveys any time before midnight April 28, 2017, providing immediate results to the school and the district.

For 2017: Students at Westmount in Grades 3/4, 4, 4/5, and 6/7 complete the survey. ALL Parents/Guardians K-7 of our school are being asked to take a few moments to complete the survey as well.  All Staff associated with our school are requested to complete the survey too.

To complete the survey:

  1. Go to any computer that has an up-to-date internet browser access at home, work, or school. Go to . There is also a link provided on the Westmount School website ( in the Parent drop down section.
  2. Scroll down to the PARENT PORTION. There are two choices for parents- log in with code or use DIRECT ACCESS. I do not use codes at Westmount in hopes that it is easier for parents to sign in and complete and that I will get 100% of you giving your views. ONCE at the DIRECT ACCESS please put in our school district Kamloops 73, scroll down to find Westmount Elementary and choose your language to complete it.  
  3. Complete the survey by clicking on the “radio buttons” for each question. Move to the next set of questions by clicking on NEXT in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. When you are finished the survey you will get a message “Thank you for sharing your views”.
  5. If you feel you made a mistake, repeat the procedure above.
  6. Once complete, our school will have the results immediately.

Thank you for participating in this innovative project to help us plan and get feedback for our School Learning Plan for the next five years.Our goal is to get 100% parent completion rate this year. Thank you in advance.


Carol DeFehr