| Wednesday, 18 October 2017 |
Global event

TILT lessons with Constable Winkles

8:30 AM

Our school RCMP Liaison officer, Constable Winkles, will be teaching this peaceful way to solve peer conflict to our kindergarten classes.

Global event

Solve A Crime with Constable Winkles - Mr. Caputo

10:00 AM

The students in Mr. Caputo's class will be treated to this hands-on workshop with our RCMP School Liaison Officer, Constable Winkles, about how the RCMP go about solving a crime.

Global event

Fruit and Vegetable Program - Baby Carrots

11:00 AM

Baby Carrots will be delivered for everyone and milk for those students in Grades k-5.

Global event

TILT Lessons with Constable Winkles

11:15 AM

Mrs. Ruddick's class will have School RCMP Liaison Officer, Constable Winkles, lead them through a lesson on how to solve problems peacfully.

Global event

Parent/Teacher Interviews

2:45 PM

Interview times will be available after school on this day.